A list of the many ways in which we continue to change the world one soul at a time!

St. Joseph Radio

Currently we offer:

- CDs, DVDs, and other items for purchase in our gift shop or online

- 24-hour radio streaming

- 24-hour television streaming via SJEN.TV, both online and via Roku

-Live radio programs Saturdays on Covenant Network at noon CST

...and many other great Catholic resources!


Credere Academy

Credere Academy is an online learning tool dedicated to providing you with Catholic education at little-to-no cost. Our many courses, which include topics such as "The Sacraments," "Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory," and "Islam Thru Catholic Eyes," can be conveniently accessed from anywhere you have an Internet connection. All of what we teach is in accordance with the truths of the Catholic Church, and it is our goal to spread these truths to Catholics and non-Catholics alike.  Visit our website and enroll today!



SJEN.TV offers broadcasts of our many video recordings 24/7. An archive of our videos can be viewed on demand and is accessible on any device with an Internet connection or on your television via Roku. Tune into SJEN.TV on Saturdays at noon CST to watch our radio program hosts and guests live in the studio!


Catholic Man of the Year Award

Lu Cortese and a group of dedicated volunteers spearheaded the first Catholic Man of the Year award celebration in Orange, California, in 2005. Each year since then, we continue to recognize amazing men and their accomplishments. Even though we may choose only one candidate to be the "St. Joseph Radio Catholic Man of the Year," all of the nominees deserve much respect. Each parish is encouraged to participate by nominating a candidate who is a positive and inspiring influence for our youth and faith community.

The men nominated for this award demonstrate great virtue on many levels. They also represent a unique role model with which to build strong foundations of faith, family, and community. It is our hope that the St. Joseph Catholic Man of the Year event will grow abundantly in the years to come so that many more of these dedicated laymen can continue to be acknowledged for their exemplary work and spirituality in the Lord's service.